Backwards We Go!

Now it's not just the trains that Scott Walker has in his bomb sights, but a number of ongoing administrative and public health projects and delay of a power plant project under Walker, that will end up, much delayed, as a stinking coal -burning plant.  High speed rail is an emerging, high tech industry that other countries are embracing. Make no mistake, this is a long-range project that may take 25 year to complete just as the interstate. And as the interstate highways made our transit sytem more efficient, so too is high speed rail doing the same thing fifty years later with fuel shortages and prices fifteen times higher.  We are giving up almost a billion, that's right folks, a billion dollars that was apropriated by the feds, as I recall,  well over ten years ago. This money won't go back into the pot. It will go to another state and Mr. Walker will make us all look like fools. For decades, Wisconsin has been at the bottom of the list of states in the annual amounts of federal reimbursement. High-speed rail is a long term goal just as was the interstate system. The $910 million should just ab out carry us over until Mr. Walker creates all of those 250,000 jobs in three years!

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