Weekend Developments

Great work by the Baas family and the other participants for their work on recycling. All of us can participate in recycling to a lesser degree .  Our household has been recycling for perhaps ten years without any conscious effort. The Baas' included composting in their efforts which is really admirable but involves walking outside in the winter to feed the composter. My point is: All of us can accomplish about 75 % of the recycling without composting. As a two person household, we accumulate about 15 pounds of paper products a week with junk mail, packaging cardboard,  daily newspapers,  and  toilet paper rolls as well. You can also unlist yourselves from unwanted catalogs. Just Google to www.catalogchoice.org.

A colossal waste of taxpayers money came up again this weekend. It's called voter ID. It might prevent a dozen or so cases of voter fraud in Milwaukee and maybe another dozen around the state. Spend millions of dollars to possibly prevent a few fraudulent vote-maybe. Those with new-found political power who promised to save our money are ready to squander  millions for nothing and disenfranchise probably thousands with a new bureaucracy.

Finally, Social Security. Although this is always in the forefront, a few words of the truth won't hurt.

   !. You can't mix SS funds with general revenues. It is a stand-alone trust fund that holds our payroll        deductions and our employers' matching contributions.

   2. By federal law, all payroll deductions are used to purchase treasury instruments and are used to pay monthly benefits when they mature. There is no such thing as a trust fund with worthless IOU's. Right now the fund has over two trillion dollars over current obligations which will keep the fund in the black until about the year 2037. There is no justification to reduce benefits because are not part of any other federal budget and won't reduce the deficit. Besides, it's illegal to use the SS surplus for anything else.  For those of you of little faith, I cite the following federal statute that sets the provisions forth surprisingly lucidly: EXCLUSION OF SOCIAL SECURITY FROM ALL BUDGETS Pub. L. 101-508, title XIII,Sec. 13301(a), Nov. 5, 1990, 104 Stat. 1388-623. This citation and additional text can be found on the Social Security Trust Fund web page.


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