Hello Sports Fans


Hello Sports Fans

My old friend, Ray Jackson, of Jacksons Restaurant at 51st and Bluemound always greeted his guests with that.

So here we go.

Packers: What gets to me is that everyone watching the game including the opposing team knows the next play. 1. always take the field goal (Lombardi did). 2. run on 1st down. nothing to lose but a couple yards. 3. tell your QB not to run unless its for a TD. 4. when in doubt about a call, challenge it. 5. try a new play now and then.

Bucks: 1. keep Bogut healthy. 2. sign Jennings long term. 3. start last years lineup.

Brewers: 1. keep Fielder.

Badgers Football: Win the Rose Bowl.

Badgers Basketball: Bo Ryan for Hall of Fame.

Marquette: run, run, run.

Brett Favre: even Joe Montana quit 

New Brewer Manager: bunt, hit and run, steal and be your own pitching coach

Coach McCarthy: practice what you preach. FOCUS

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