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Guest Posting: Nancy Kormanik Fiscal Conservative

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Recently, I asked Nancy Kormanik if she would write a guest posting for my blog. After all, who better to speak for Nancy Kormanik than Nancy Kormanik!


Thank you, Kyle, for inviting me to write a guest blog. Many thanks also to our district and the press for including me, as a write-in candidate, in the school board candidate forum and subsequent election coverage issue of the newspaper. Above all, I want to thank the many people who have contacted me, vetted me, and have become supporters. 

I am running as a write-in candidate for the At-Large seat on the Elmbrook school board to represent all residents in Elm Grove and Brookfield. I am not running to divide the vote. I am running to WIN.

I am FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE. That phrase is sometimes over-used, I have been asked what that means and how it will guide my community representation on the school board. Being fiscally conservative means living within our means, not spending more than what we take in. 

The school board has taxing authority to increase district revenue by raising property tax bills. Some means by which property tax bills are increased are:

·         Changing from Chapter 220 to Open Enrollment,

·         Increasing resident attendance in such as by adding a 4K program,

·         Passing referenda, such as 2 recent building referenda and a proposed future referendum for operational expenses,

·         Increasing tax levy to offset loss of State revenue sharing.

Some may call themselves “fiscally conservative” in that they believe in a balanced budget; however in raising taxes to achieve a balanced budget, they are not being conservative in my opinion.  

·         I am aware that necessary changes in our State budget may result in decrease in district revenue. 

·         I am also aware that district monies need to be set aside to fund teacher retirement benefits. 

Rather than raise taxes, I believe we must follow a business model in which the company grows leaner, produces a better product, and the revenue follows.

Many, if not most, community residents are also trying to be financially conservative with their own personal budgets.    This is done by carefully examining on a routine basis their expenditures.   I believe our district can do that also.

To maintain and advance the academic performance of Elmbrook public schools, I will focus on the student experience. In viewing Wisconsin DPI data, we see that Mequon-Theinsville district has achieved higher ACT test scores (25.9 to Elmbrook’s 24.8) at about the same cost per student.    I believe together we can continue to improve Elmbrook student experience and performance without additional costs. 

Nancy Kormanik



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March 23, 2011 Budget has board hopefuls' attention Some want to cut, others seek better financial picture  "Kormanik, a former educator and program coordinator at Milwaukee Area Technical College, said it may sound obvious, but the district needs to stop spending money unnecessarily. She said all options - closing a school, increasing class sizes, changes to pay and benefits - need to be considered."

March 23, 2011 Elmbrook School Board at-large race "There is nothing off the table anymore, all the way from toilet paper to contracts. We need to look at everything: insurance policies, contracts not just for teachers but for other personnel, personnel, staff, bills that have to be paid, investments, fees."

March 21, 2011, Elmbrook Candidates Disagree on 4K, School Closure  "Only one candidate (Nancy Kormanik) expressed opposition to adding a 4-year-old kindergarten program, while four favored adding 4k and one (incumbent Kathryn Wilson) did not clearly endorse or reject it."

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