TO BE OR NOT TO BE. that is the question that the United States Congress, in all of their infinite wisdom, can not answer with reasonable certainty. Hearings, debates, meetings, sound bites, speeches and the sort have not lent itself to a great statesmanlike answer. Morever, after being elected to represent the people they decide not to even vote, while encouraging their constituents to vote for them.

This is not the precedent set by our forefathers who traveled wide and far in an angry mood, resigned to fight to the end for their principles. Guess what. Our forefathers rode on horseback, guns blazing and red eyed from whiskey and lack of sleep and comfort, and made a COMPROMISE.

A compromise to me means that nobodys gets the whole pie and everyone has to settle for an equal slice of the pie. Is it so terrible that the congress of our great nation, built on compromise, will do the unthinkable and compromise ?

The great institution of marriage is a compromise. Settlement of the NFL lockout will be a compromise. not getting your way is a compromise. eating at McDonalds instead of Eddie Martinis is a compromise. in fact, life itself is one big set of compromises.

So why is this so difficult ? Politics, self interests, money, votes, power, self installed values or just being damn stubborn.

How can Congress go to war without our vote, tell us how to spend our hard earned money, tell  us to pay our taxes or else and yet have the gall to think of destroying our good name and reputation because they do not want TO BE OR NOT TO BE.

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