Cheer on the Brewers

Published on: 9/10/2011

Cheer on the Brewers. This is as close a pennant race for the Brewers in a long time. It was predicted before the season and now the two contenders are in the stretch run . Plainly speaking this is baseball. Every game is important and every fan is important.

Those who say I told you so, just hang on and give the guys a chance to prove their talents.

My attitude is to be optomistic. After all we are 7 games ahead in first place in mid-september and the pressure is on the Cardinals not to lose a game. Every game they lose is a win for us.

The all star, Rickie Weeks, is patiently waiting his return, and when he does the difference on offense will be visible. Fielder and Braun cannot carry the team alone so help is needed.

The starting pitching rotation has held the opponents to 2 or 3 runs while losing. That needs to improve.

Cheer on the Brewers. We lost our major league team once for lack of fan support among other factors.

Put aside the frustration and be happy we are not Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox or Chicago Cub fans.      There is no quit in our team. There should be no quit in our fans.