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NASA EarthKAM, Polar Bears and 8th Grade Girls Volleyball


In early November, Eighth grade science students at SMV had an opportunity to take pictures of some of their favorite places.  But instead of using a digital camera or their cell phone, they instructed a camera on the International Space Station to take the photo!!   Sponsored by NASA, EarthKAM (Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle School Students) is an educational outreach program allowing middle school students to take pictures of our Earth from a digital camera on board the International Space Station.  Students found the latitude and longitude of their location and entered them in after identifying when and which ISS orbit would be closest to their destination.

GLOBAL LEARNING:  Fourth Graders visit South Africa and Manitoba, Canada on via the web

The following was contributed by Ms. Daemmrich, fourth grade teacher this week:

The fourth graders went on two trips today and they never left their classroom!  In science class, they’re beginning their study of biomes and the plants and animals that live there.  To bring these environments to life for her students, Ms Daemmrich found a live webcast from the Jduma Game Reserve in South Africa. 

Viewed via the Wild Earth website twice a day, students see what the camera sees as a driver takes them for an open-air jeep tour around the game reserve.  Today, students witnessed a storm rolling in and learned how bad weather makes the animals nervous.  They also saw a female leopard eating an antelope she had hunted for earlier in the day.  The leopard was in thick grass so the kids could tell what she was doing even if they couldn’t actually see most of the animal that became dinner. 

While eating lunch in the classroom so as not to miss the hour long live broadcast sponsored by Polar Bears International, students participated in the first of a three day video conference with scientists in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.  Located on the banks of Hudson Bay, scientists are monitoring the environment and the health of the animals found there.  The vehicles they ride in and the work they are doing can be viewed on the polar bear cam website.  Today, students learned about the tundra biome and four of the animals found there: the polar bear, the arctic fox, the arctic hare, and the ptarmigan (a small bird).  The scientists discussed animal adaptations, life span, diet, birth rate, and condition of the ice with the students.  The kids were able to ask questions via a live chat box fed right to the scientists.  Students at SMV joined 588 other classrooms worldwide for this event

8th Grade Girls Volleyball

One of our Eighth Grade Girls Volleyball teams finished the season with a record of 11-0.  Congratulations on your undefeated season!!!  We are so proud of your accomplishments. 

Another fantastic SMV Eighth Grade Girls Volleyball team had great season.  Congratuations to our girls.  We have the best athletes!

 Christmas Program - Save the Date!  The SMV Christmas Program is on Thursday, December 15th.

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