Sports Update as 2011 nears the end

Soon, the year 2011 will end.

Sports Update


the anxiety level is very high in Wisconsin as the Super Bowl Champs are getting closer to a perfect season. the expectations are positive and the team is ready to go for it. the only issue now is whether the Pack will play injured players or save them for the playoffs. my guess is that all players will play, some with limited time on the field, and take the chance to take their place in history. the offensive line will see the most pre-play-off action in an effort to protect Rodgers. the defense will rest Woodson the most and the defense will rotate a lot to keep them fresh. the home field advantage for the playoffs is the goal and that means win every game.


the sad news about Ryan Braun will be the top story for the rest of the year and into 2012 until it is resolved. there is much speculation about the real truth of the matter. having read them all your guess is as good as mine. the infield will be much improved on defense and the offense will get the job done well enough to be a contender. St. Louis suffered a much bigger loss in free agency. the pitching staff will be solid . all it takes is a rookie to meet the challenge.

BUCKS. does anyone care? only a playoff run will bring back the lost fans.

BEST OF THE REST. Basketball at Marquette and Wisconsin-Madison will remain very competitive and both teams will finish strong.

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