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Located in the heart of Elm Grove, St. Mary’s Visitation School provides exceptional academics and faith formation for grades K3 through 8.

St. Mary's Visitation - Talent Show, Forensics, NASA, Science Fair and more!!

St.. Mary's Visitation All School Talent Show March 27

St. Mary's Visitation students in grades one through eight  will perform in the annual Student Talent Show Tuesday, March 27 6:30 pm  in the school gym, 13000 Juneau Blvd. in Elm Grove. Acts range from singing, dancing  and playing musical instruments to hula hooping.    Family and friends are welcome to attend this free event.

SMV Students to Present at NASA Student Symposium in Houston, Texas!!!

Two St. Mary's Visitation eighth graders, Molly Carrig and Frankie Ragonese, were selected to present their research paper at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Explorer School's Student Symposium in Houston this May.   The girls conducted an investigation that focused on how to protect delicate instruments that are dropped onto different planets and presented it virtually to a panel of NASA personnel. They will travel with SMV  junior high science teacher Mrs. Kathy Biernat to present their investigation findings to NASA personnel and other students attending the event. Thirty schools, each with one team, were invited to the symposium. This two-day event will feature an astronaut presentation, facility tours, student activities and a career awareness panel.

Congratulations to Molly, Frankie and Mrs. Biernat!

St. Mary's Visitation Students to  Present Living Stations Friday, March 30, 2012

Eighth grade students from St. Mary's Visitation School in Elm Grove will present Lenten "Living Stations" on Friday, March 30, 1:30 pm in the parish church, 13000 Juneau Blvd.  The students will dramatize and retell the story of Jesus' passion and death.  According to SMV junior high theology teacher Gary Newman, the living stations are a Lenten tradition presented for the entire school.   Parishioners, parents and visitors are welcome to attend. 

SMV Forensics

Congratulations to the 15 team members that competed at the State Tournament on Saturday in Neenah. There were 1377 students from 84 schools in attendance. Nora Berens took home a first place trophy for her performances in Poetry. Molly Carrig placed second in Moments in History and Isabel Shavlik received two perfect scores and took home a third place in Prose. Emily Berens received top ranking scores for her work in Impromptu. Tim Carrig received a perfect score in Non-Original Oratory.  Great performances were also given by Maureen LaMarche, Frankie Ragonese, Isabel Pesci, Lexi Richardson, Eileen Rauh, Catherine Raster and Maddie Thew, all in Group Acting. Kevin Eberle did very well in Prose and Lex Witkowski and David Harmeyer received top marks in Impromptu. 

We are very proud of the team. It was a terrific accomplishment to qualify for state and their practice really paid off by bringing in three individual trophies. They represented SMV with quality work and great pride.


More than 50 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students participated in the SMV John Hochhaus Memorial Forensics Meet last Thursday.  Students prepared and presented pieces in the categories of poetry, prose, infomercial, demonstration, solo and group acting and group interpretation to judges and spectators.  Judges commented on the consistently high quality of performances.  The first place traveling trophy for best class participation went to Mrs. Daemmrich's class, 4-21, who had a spectacular 90% showing.  Class 4-21 will receive a pizza party for their efforts.  The second place trophy was awarded to Mrs. Wilinski's class, 5-25, which had 67% participation.  Congratulations to 4-21 and to all of the students who did such a fine job!  SMV is one of the first and only schools in the area to offer a forensics program for the elementary grades

Special thanks to the tab room: Mrs. Wilinski, Mrs. Perez and Mrs. Dries; concessions coordinator Diane Creegan; judges Ms. Kehl, Theresa Gagliano and SMV forensics alumni Sarah Creegan, Emily Haas, Joe Puchner and Maggie Berens; hospitality chair Kristine Kroog; the Junior High Forensics Team; and coaches Jane Carrig, Lisa Fitterer and Laurie Kalmer for their assistance; and to SMV Home and School for its support of the forensics program.


Thank you to everyone who attended the 6th Annual Science Fair. I especially appreciate all of our alumni judges !   The winners are:

Grade 8 

1st Place - Shake, Rattle and Roll: Will Puchner, Paul Grum and Luke Moyer

2nd Place - Egg Drop Soup: Molly Carrig and Frankie Ragonese - these ladies will be joining Mrs Biernat at the Johnson Space Center in Houston TX in May to present their project at a NASA  sponsored junior high and high school science fair!! 

3rd Place - Cereal Killers: Emily Berens

Grade 7

1st Place - Texting Turmoil: Ben Anntonneau, Ben Sinense and Steven Butler

2nd Place - Memory Makers: Elizabeth Janowski

3rd Place - Monkey Phelps: Tim Carrig

Grade 6 

1st place - Bacteria or no Bacteria?: Isabelle Shavlik and Miranda Singson

 2nd Place - Vermicomposting: George Carlo Clark

 3rd Place (tie) - Rubber Band Manz: Donny Parey and Adam Mueller- Hot Ice: Sam Aspinwall and Kelly Aspinwall


We are always proud of the players on our quiz team because they're good sports, they're kind to each other, and they play the game the right way. That's all we would ever ask of them. But it is a lot of fun when you have a great day, too...  Last Saturday our quiz bowl team traveled to Barrington IL to participate with 43 other schools in a midwest tournament.  

SMV "C" (Ian, Nora, George Carlo, Kevin, Dominic, Nicky) went 3-2 in the morning and 1-2 in the playoffs for a very impressive 4-4 record overall, playing against mostly 7th and 8th graders. Dominic Mussatto won a medal for individual performance.

SMV "B" (David, John, Lex, Donny, James) went 5-0 in the morning, 2-1 in the playoffs, won a half-packet playoff for the right to play in the championship game, and then the full-packet championship game. That's right -- WINNERS of the entire "B" bracket. James Kearney won a medal for individual performance, and the team won a hefty trophy. 

SMV "A" (Tim, Molly, Will, Noah, Paul) also went 5-0 in the morning and 2-1 in the playoffs. That got them into the 3rd place game, which they won, winning third place overall in the regular tournament. Will Puchner won a medal for individual performance.  This team won an even bigger trophy.

A few highlights:

Our three teams finished with a combined 21-6 record. Our teams scored a combined 7920 points while only allowing 4840.

James Kearney finished 1st overall in individual stats in the B division (out of 135 players) with 52 points per game on tossups (PPG).  Nora (28 PPG) and Dominic (24 PPG) also finished in the top 25.

Will finished 4th overall in individual stats in the standard division (out of 169 players) with 54 PPG.  Molly (26 PPG) and Paul (20 PPG) also finished in the top 50.

Every single player who came scored at least 3 tossups on the day. Just like in basketball, it's a great day when everybody scores.

For information about St. Mary's Visitation school call Principal Mary Tretow at 262-782-7057.


At Vacation Bible School we will sing, learn, have fun and more to draw your kids into the heart of our Catholic faith and love of Jesus!  All children entering K4 through 5th grades are invited to join us July 23rd-27th from 9:00AM to noon.

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