Silence of the Issues

There has been a Silence of the Issues that affect every American in one way or another. Candidates for federal offices who seek to take a peek at D.C. avoid these issues that will not go away. Either they have no position and prefer the status quo or they are afraid to lose supporters and voters. By listing some of those issues i encourage you to add more silent issues that are being avoided or pushed to the side. This list is only the tip of the iceberg.

1. CRIME. congress wears the blinders and fudges the statistics.

2. IMMIGRATION. it is not difficult to become a citizen. that would be a good start.

3. HOMELAND SECURITY. What is the plan, where are the soldiers and what do we do in case of an attack ?

4. POVERTY. there will always be poor and disabled people of all backgrounds who have no political agenda. why does a political agenda control their destiny?

5. POLLUTION. there are only two choices. let it be or make it better.

6. PENTAGON WASTE. contracts to produce military weapons are on the rise, but there are not enough soldiers to shoot them. the result is waste. we used to have food rationing. why not military supply rationing ?

7. ENTITLEMENTS and PORK. the more you get the more you want.

8. UNIFORM ELECTION LAWS. may solve some problems, instead of creating more problems.

9. FEDERAL INCOME TAX REFORM. all politicians agree but do nothing.

10. SOCIAL SECURITY TAXES. this is my personal pet peeve. you earn it, you pay taxes on the earnings, you get it and you pay taxes on the earnings that are called benefits. 

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