Some Thoughts on Memorial Day

Some of my thoughts on this Memorial Day are with the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the USA in a non-partisan way. There are no political campaigns in the military which is made up of people, both men and women, of more social and ethnic diversity then we have in the civilian sector. Just imagine a military that engaged in the social and political issues that the civilian population does each day. Through hell and high water the military has survived the hatred that some people in the civilian population have for each other. We should be proud to have two major political parties that anyone can join or not join without government interference.

Being a Republican or a Democrat does not mean that you and your party agenda is always right.

The independent moderate is the person who selects the best of the rest and the candidate that is most capable of taking the middle ground. The independent moderates are the game changers because the Republicans and Democrats never deviate from their theme and agenda. The independent moderate is not cloned to a political agenda and is not  influenced by the press, the loud voices and the profit seekers.

So on this Memorial Day let us salute the USA military for protecting ALL of us.

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