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yes, i am only the author of this blog since its inception some 5 years ago. there have been technical changes and i have made an effort to keep up with them. like all our bloggers this is a voluntary avocation and personal time is precious. my zeal to go on has kept me here that long. i have no personal censorship policy but BFNOW does and they run the show, and i am happy to accept their judgment. there are some comments on all of our blogs that are not relevant. if you want only to be heard and make trite comments then get your own blog. never before in journalism has the press allowed a reader to comment publicly about the writer. these blogs are not a debating forum between the commenters to beat each  other up. our names and identities are out up front and we have to deal with comments that bear false names to protect their images. we bloggers do not want our images to be impaired but in the interests of real journalism we do it. we also encourage the challenges from those who read our stuff as long it is in good taste. we honor the local press at BFNOW who allow us to publish our blogs without interference.

My sincere apologies for the omissions in some of the comments, but my part has been trivial and my goal is to let the people be heard, but for the technical difficulties that some of us have with the computer world.

In retrospect, keep the comments coming.



Editor: Until recent years in the computer age the press did not allow readers to comment simply because there were no computers. letters to the editor were the only source form reader comment. computer blogging changed that. there are readers who use the reader comments for improper reasons. the purpose of blogging and commenting is to act in good faith in the interests of respected journalism. 

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