Brewers Improving-------Will it matter

The Brewer are improving their won/lost record with some close wins and some good breaks. It remains to be seen if they can keep winning enough to be a contender for the wild card.

A positive sign is the return of Lucroy but will it be too late for him to have an impact before the end of July trading deadline ? Is Axford still the closer ?  Will they ever decide on the starting shortstop ? Is Manny Parra for real ? Can Marcum make a mid-season comeback ?

These are some of the questions that have to be answered.

On the bright side, the Brewers are much better in small ball, bunting, base stealing and hitting behind the runner.

In my opinion no baseball team ever gives up on the season unless by August 1st they are 10 games out of the wild card competition and have no chance of a big winning streak.

Pitching is still the name of the game and there are enought starting pitchers to keep the games close. Caveat: to hold the opponent to 3 to 4 runs a game we have to score a minimum of 5 runs a game, and that is not happening.

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