Yes, getting to know you, getting to know all about you, are words from an old song.

These words are now in an important phase of the presidential nominations and elections.

Both the political parties and the press acknowledge that the national conventions will give the people an opportunity to get to know their candidates better.

Years past when there was no TV and computers that information came from the radio and the newspapers. Now, we have u tube, websites, bloggers, television ads and robo calls. My recollection is that when I reached voting age there was no problem relating to the candidates and their messages. why ? Because those messages had substance and clarity, something that is missing now.

It is real scary that a voter will vote for a candidate because of a television ad or a sound bite.

The public debate about issues is gone and we either take it or leave it. after all we are just normal people who have no thinking process of our own !

Maybe we are over saturated with political fodder and ignore all of it or we wait for the defining moment when one candidate is caught napping at a fund raising dinner.

My guess is that the American people are bored with the political nonsense that is being shoved down their throats and will do as they did by voting for the most capable person running for any and all public offices.

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