Packers Lose Practice Game

Yes, the Packers lost to the SF 49 rs in Green Bay, and it looked like another practice game. The running game was tentative, the passing game was not relevant and the defense was in transient.

There is no easy fix for all the penalties, missed tackles and bad choices in play calliing.

Only in the 4th quarter did the offense move the ball with consistency until another blocker forgot his assignment was to protect the Quarterback. nothing more, nothing less !

Passing on third down and one yard to go was a bust as was the decision not to make an onside kick when we had the momentum.

Giving the SF QB the comfort of not being chased was the worst case scenario for us and the best deal available for them.

Maybe I missed something but where were Driver, Green, Starks and the other tight ends.

The 2012 version of the GB Packers will have an uphill struggle to beat the Bears, Lions and Vikings and win the division.

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