The Best Place to Be USA

The Best Place to Be is the USA. yes, right here, not somewhere else. Any doubters are free to go to another country and try their luck. The problem is that you may not be allowed to come back. So why not just stay here and count your blessings. The USA has freedom of speech and non-political law enforcement to protect us. That alone trumps other countries.

When I hear the negative remarks about whether we are better off or not my patience grows thin.

Look around you folks! The high schools are packed with nice cars, the restaurants are always busy, the happy hours keep people happy, there are discounts for everything you want to buy, food is plentiful and healthy, sports fans pay a premium to watch their favorites play ball, there are Iphones, computers, flat screen TV s, twitter, texting and cell phones to keep us amused and credit cards vendors send you credit ready to use.

If that is not enough, consider that we are not under enemy attack and do not have a Dictator or a Police State.

So, there is 8% unemployment, which means 92% are employed.

We have enough money to fix our roads, have sidewalks on highways and the advantage of snow plowing and garbage pick-up right at your door. Children are bused to their schools and back home in time for dinner. We can practice our own religious beliefs and email, post or reply to them without retribution from the government.

After all, we were not promised Utopia.

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