Politics, Family and Friends

We all cherish our family and our friends. It used to be friends forever and family comes first. We love our family because of our roots and we like our friends because of our mutual respect.

But in the last few years there has been a sharp division between family and friends on partisan politics and the issues of the times we live in.

For myself, I believe that this sharp division is, in part, due to the reliance of the people on the media of television to dictate their views to the viewers. Yes, I mean dictate. The political oriented shows for the most part take only one side of the issue and argue that there is only one side that is the good side. They dictate that the other side is the bad side and go all out to damage the reputation of people who did nothing immoral or wrong except to engage in the democratic process.

Slick and fast talk is the motto of the media. Even when a guest expresses another viewpoint the slick and fast media talker cuts off the person.

Irreparable damage is being done to the family and the friends of the American people who take advantage of free speech. There is hatred and distrust and the loss of those who are closest to us.

Folks, it's all about the money the media makes off the commercials on the TV programs that you depend on to mold your views on the issues of the day. The media makes tons of money on political ads that distort and misinform about the facts of the subject matter.

The best we can do is to realize that these television and radio slick and fast talkers believe that their viewers are hooked on their rhetoric and cannot think for themselves. 

Think for yourself instead of repeating what the media wants you to hear. They are paid big money to convice you.

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