The Great Debate

The Great Debate between President Obamma and Governor Romney is on television Wednesday evening. Both candidates are practicing for the debate. Since they both claim to have all the answers, what is there to practice for ? The questions from the moderators of course. Will the moderators concentrate of the economy and jobs or will they bring up new subject matters like crime, immigration and sustaining our military power without a draft ? Or will they throw in term limits for congress based on their inability to solve problems ? Maybe the President will explain funding for the new healthcare law and the Governor will explain how he will create 12 million jobs for unskilled workers.

None of the above. Both candidates will stay with the same worn out messages and try to convince us that they will keep us out of war and into a better cash flow.

Both will show a mutual respect for each other and let the comedians crack the jokes because they are funnier.

Both sides will claim victory and the polls will show that few of the undecided voters even watched the debate.

History will not compare the debate to the Lincoln/Douglas contest and neither candidate will be as aggressive as Ross Perot.

You see, debating is a professional skill that most politicians do not have because they see no other point of view except their own. Both men are smart to know that and will not try to win. Besides, how do you win a debate? There are no cheerleaders or Lambeau Leap to encourage them to keep fighting and the audience is told before hand to keep it quiet without applause or hooting. When it is all over you can watch your favorite news program and find out what was really said and meant to be said.

Good Luck to the good men of good will.

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