Follow the Money

Follow the Money. We can all agree that money is the only thing that matters in the current elections. Without money no candidate can survive. Political advertising per se has reached a new high in content and cost.

It is hard to believe that so many people of wealth are williing to donate to candidates and causes without blinking an eye. The question of where the money comes from and why can so many give so much when so many others suffer.

After this campaign debacle is over it is incumbent for all Americans to support the end of money controlling our political leaders.

The old worn out advertising spread the word about the qualifications of the candidates. The new advertising spreads the word about the evils of the opposition candidate.

Unless something is done soon the American political system will be beholden to the extremely rich and their quest for power.

Politics at the local level still has a semblence of frugality in campaign spending. That will not last long if the special interests infest local government as they have in state and federal government.

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