"WE THE PEOPLE" is the opening statement of the Constitution of the United States. It means what it says, that the people who are the citizens have established the Constitution of the United States of America.

The rest is about the delegation of powers, the authority to act and the duties of various branches of government.

It does not say we the elected people. It says we the people.

We the People expect the our elected federal officials to do what we want them to do. We the People expect them to work for all the people who elected them. We the People expect them to set aside petty political differences and take a stand and vote for our common good.

The federal elected officials have been negligent by not performing their prescribed duties and by promoting their own personal agendas.

This next Congress will have their backs to the wall and we expect them to "do something" positive for we the people.

Frankly, we do not care about their personal grudges, their ownership of seniority or their press conferences that never result in a meaningful vote that makes our lives better.

They get too much campaign money to vote them out of office, so we the people, starting with myself, demand that the US Senate pass a law that allows a Senator serve only two 4 year terms. 8 years is enough to do nothing.

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