Bless the Unfortunate

Thanksgiving, 2012, is a day to bless the unfortunate people who are not having the best of times on this national holiday. Let's add a blessing for them when we are thankful for what we have.

1. For those in poverty who have not been able to rise above the that level, no matter what the reason.

2. For the Elderly who have lived a long time and gave of themselves along the way.

3. For the Children, rich or poor, who will be the leaders and workers of our future.

4.For the disabled and ill who deserve to have the same health care as the strong and healthy.

5.For the military personnel who protect us in time of war and peace.

The list is endless so let us all remember those who are not so fortunate on this day of Thanksgiving.

My personal best wishes to those who read my blogs and their families, and those who do not.


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