sports update 2012 to end of year

GREEN BAY PACKERS: This is a team that cannot function without some of their prime time players, namely, Clay Matthews, Brian Bulaga, Desmond Bishop, Greg Jennings, Charles Woodson and Cedric Benson. That core of players gives them both the offense and defense a chance to win every game. But injuries have created holes that are not being filled. Somewhere along the line the front office forgot to stock pile offensive lineman who can protect the QB and fill holes for the running backs. Without that you have an average team. By not having a legitimate backup QB there is no relief in sight for Aaron Rodgers. The Harrell QB experiment has turned Jeckell into Hyde and it is pitiful so see him get hit some many times. There are several veteran QB s around to fill the gap.

WISCONSIN BADGERS: The Coach is so bad I cannot even spell his name. He has no clue on the offensive part of the game, specially at the end, and defense is out of his sight. My take is that the Badgers need to replace this make believe Coach with a Coach who is in the game during the game. Russell Wilson was a god send but there are no any more like that around. Bowl and Big Ten losses are good enough reasons to get a new football coach.

MILWAUKEE BUCKS: It is surprising that Senator Kohl has  been able to even field a team in the very competitive and expensive stye of pro basketball. They will never be any better and the future is not good. They hang onto too many players that are not ready for prime time. The draft choices are only to fill holes in the lineup and team basketball is not even an option. The game itself has lost its luster with the 3 to 4 step layups and the fake falls to the ground to get a foul called. No surprise if the team folds and moves elsewhere.

MILWAUKEE BREWERS: Baseball is the Milwaukee and Wisconsin tradition and the game of the future. The fans are becoming more intelligent about the game and enjoy small ball and well pitched games. The venue at Miller Park is the best in our state sports and the baseball fans are the most supportive in major league baseball. So get on the bandwagon because 2013 will be an exciting year. It includes a real major league type infield, both offense and defense and an outfield second to none. Catching is outstanding the pitching staff will be strong with starters and  deep with relief. The bench may be the best ever and the team feels no pressure to win under a low key manager. Ryan Braun is a monster player and he leads by example. GO BREWERS.

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