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Located in the heart of Elm Grove, St. Mary’s Visitation School provides exceptional academics and faith formation for grades K3 through 8.

St. Mary's Visitation Junior High Students Skype with NASA Scientists

St. Mary's Visitation Junior High Students work with NASA on maximizing solar energy

SMV's junior high science classes are working with solar panels (provided courtesy of NASA) to figure out how to utilize maximum solar energy. The classes simulated the solar panels found on Juno, the NASA spacecraft travelling to Jupiter. Grade 8 "Skyped" one of the lead NASA scientists, who explained which design NASA chose to solve the problem. Juno departed in Aug. 2011, and is slated to reach Jupiter in 2016....long after these students graduate from SMV!

Thank you, Mrs. Biernat for leading our extraordinary Junior High Science Program!!

This is another example of how St. Mary's Visitation utilizes technology to create exemplary learning experiences.

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