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Whether you're on your way to the library or stopping by City Hall, chances are you're driving by St. John Vianney School, located in the heart of Brookfield. This blog will provide insight into life and education at SJV, a 4K-8 educational anchor in Brookfield since 1957.

Milwaukee Zoo features animal-inspired ornaments created by St. John Vianney 5th graders

St. John Vianney fifth grade students created and painted paper mache animal ornaments in art class that will be displayed on a tree at the Milwaukee Zoo between November 27th and January 1st.

The art project coincided with animal studies in other classes, including Wild Encounters, in which the students read animal-related stories in reading.

The Milwaukee Zoo sponsored the community project and the fifth graders' tree will be displayed with a sign noting their participation in its creation and decoration.

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