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SMV 4th Grader Studies Electricity and Magnetism at Marquette University Engineering Class

SMV Student studies electricity, magnetism at Marquette University Engineering Class

St. Mary's 4th Grade student, Max Merrick learned about concepts of electricity and magnetism at Marquette University Engineering class, "STEMming Science:  It's Shocking," in December.  The one-day class was led by Becca Genualdi, a Junior in Construction Engineering and Management.  The class was geared for 4th through 6th grade students.

Students studied static electricity and learned how Van de Graph generators use this electricity.  (Van de Graph generator shown in the photo below).  They also learned to identify different components of an electrical circuit and how electricity moves through a circuit.

The also worked with Snap Circuits, an educational toy by Elenco (Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 kit).

St. Mary's Visitation encourages students to use their classroom skills in outside programs such as the Marquette University Engineering Academies and other STEM programs.  These programs enhance the outstanding science curriculum that St. Mary's Visistation provides its students.

Nice work, Max!

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