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Located in the heart of Elm Grove, St. Mary’s Visitation School provides exceptional academics and faith formation for grades K3 through 8.

St. Mary's Visitation - International Chess and other ways we can wow you with our Technology

Come see why St. Mary's Visitation received the Exemplary Recognition Award from the Archdoicese of Milwaukee in the areas of Information, Technology and Media Skills.

Jr. High Science:  Michael is gathering data from the radio telescope aimed at Jupiter to aid scientists at NASA in learning about Jupiter's atmosphere.




4th graders using technology in the classroom  


2nd graders using I-Pads in class

More 2nd graders with I-Pads


SMV/USA vs. St. Oswald/United Kingdom --Your Move!
International Chess? Yes! A team of four of Mrs. Kylie Daemmrich's 4th graders is currently engaged in chess via email with four students from Mr Humble's class at St Oswald's in Cumbria, UK.
The SMV team,"The Chunky Monkeys" (shown) has been playing "St. Oswald's Queens" periodically during class breaks. The game can be tracked on the class website.

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