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Located in the heart of Elm Grove, St. Mary’s Visitation School provides exceptional academics and faith formation for grades K3 through 8.

Archbishop Listecki visits St. Mary's Visitation school

Archbishop Listecki visits SMV!

 This week, St. Mary's Visitation school had an honored visitor -- Archbishop Jerome Listecki.  During the homily at our all-school Mass, Archbishop Listecki told us our Catholic education gives us the vision and understanding that we live our lives FOR Jesus and WITH Jesus. We thank our pastor, principal, teachers, parents and parishioners for the gift of this Catholic education.
He pointed to role models -- St. Agnes, whose feast day was this week, a young girl who dedicated her life to Christ and would not compromise her values -- and to American hero Dr. Martin Luther King, a Baptist minister who committed his life work to the words of Jesus.

After Mass, the Archbishop made the classroom rounds and met our students.
An inspiring day at SMV!

Thank you to Archbishop Listecki for the visit to SMV!

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