Scott Berg shows Statesmanship

Scott Berg, City of Brookfield Alderman, show Statesmanship by introducing a proposal to reduce the size of local government. His proposal, already frought by criticizm from his peers, is to reduce the number of Aldermen from 14 to 9. There are 7 aldermanic districts and reducing them in half would result in 7 aldermen. Alderman Berg has a plan to reduce the number of Aldermen fro  14 to 9, which is close to the 50% reduction.

Local conservative politicians for years have been preaching that government must be smaller to be more functional and yet nothing has been done on the local level to accomplish that goal.

The process of local government is sluggish when you need 14 votes to pass a simple mundane matter that benefits the public.

The proposal by Berg has merit and should have a full airing out in the city.

This includes a public hearing and if needed a referendum vote by the voting residents.

Leadership is also need by city staff and the Mayor to see that this issue is given a fair and open chance for everyone in the city to be heard.

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