America Forever

"AMERICA FOREVER". Our country is the only safe haven for those who seek freedom. We are protected by the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Connstitution. For the most part we are safe from being put in jail for expressing our own personal views on the subject of our choice.

The freedom of expression is one of the reasons we have the right to make choices and say what we want about whatever we want.

But that does not mean that we have to listen or agree with those whose opinions differ from our own.

Nor does it mean that we have to comment on those opinions that differ from our.

Emily Post, author and expert on social discord, said:"do not pretend to know more than you do".

This, to me, is the notion that when stating your opinion be certain that you have the story right and the research correct.

Even historians dispute the writings of other historians and are critical of those who fudge the facts and create illusions that are not true.

Only in AMERICA can one get away with a stating a false premise and expect others to believe it.

And only in AMERICA will this freedom of expression last forever.

After all, where else could I write like this without fear of retribution ?

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