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April 2, 2013 Election: Roggensack, Pridemore and other Conservative picks

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Everyone in Wisconsin votes for Supreme Court and DPI Superintendent in the Tuesday, April 2, 2013 General Election.  This election is of utmost importance, so don't sit this one out!

I am casting my vote for Justice Pat Roggensack for State Supreme Court.  She is well respected and known for fairness.  For more information see: 'VIP' Primary Election for Justice Roggensack

Justice Roggensack's hour long interview with Jim Schneider

The other statewide race on our ballot is for State Superintendent of Schools.

This race has not been talked about much, but after hearing about the DPI's White Privilege curriculum controversy along with my desire to provide Wisconsin parents with more choices for their children's education, I am voting Don Pridemore for Department of Public Instruction Superintendent.

For more information see: April 2, 2013 Election: Wisconsin needs Don Pridemore, a fresh, independent leader for State Superintendent of Schools

Many areas of the state also have races for mayor, judges, school board members, and aldermen on their ballots. You may look up your sample ballot here

In Brookfield, the other races on our ballot are unchallenged.

Milwaukee County residents have an important Circuit Court race on their ballots. Judge Rebecca Bradley has the support of 22 judges, Sheriff Clark, Milwaukee County Exec. Chris Abele, etc. (Don't confuse her with the Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley who had the run-in with Justice Prosser 2 years ago.)

A conservative friend emailed me this link: Wisconsin Conservatives Vote April 2nd! Election Guide It includes many races across the state, including the non-binding referendum in Milwaukee on ending same day voter registration. I do agree with their vote "No" stance--at least at this point in time.

Here is another race I can toss out here, CudahyNOW blogger Randy Hollenbeck is running for Alderman in Cudahy. I met him several years ago at a blogging meeting at the Journal Sentinel offices. Cudahy voters can just read his past posts to learn about his political bent. He is Conservative. His opponent is also a blogger--a liberal. So that race is a battle of the bloggers! Interesting. Hope Randy wins.


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