Election 2014

The local spring election is only one week away and the candidates are in full gear campaign mode. Some distribute flyers to the residences of the voters. The normal flyer has always listed the qualifications of the candidate and, by choice,a personal background of the candidate. The candidate decides what information to print about the candidate. Some candidates compare their positions on political issues to those of their opponents. Others are critical about the ability of their opponents to serve in public office. The flyer that reached my homestead was scripted by William Bill Carnell who is a candidate for Alderman in my District. Mr.Carnell has chosen to list personal information about his opponent, including what he states as his opponent's "History:". The so called "History" of his opponent contains the place of birth, place of residence and the country of his opponent. It also states length of time his opponent has been a United States of America citizen. Mr.Carnell makes reference to that information being taken from a Brookfieldnow.com article. The inference raised is very obvious. The personal dignity of a political opponent should not be tarnished and should not be a political issue in a local election for Alderman. Local elections in the City of Brookfield have much higher standards.

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