This Wednesday morning I looked out the window and saw 2 cars park across the street and a male and female got out and walked to my neighbor across the street. I left the window and minutes later my doorbell rang and the male held out a paper. I asked if they are licensed by the City of Brookfield to solicit and he said he doesn't carry papers with him and I told him I would call the police. Both people left in their 2 cars and drove away just as I called the police. First, Park and Rec answered and were aloof when I asked to transfer me to the police, then the Waukesha central responders asked what I was calling about, and finally was transferred to a police clerk who asked for my name, address and phone. I gave her my address and a description of the people and their cars. Then I was told an officer can come to my house to speak with me and after I insisted she said an officer would check out the area. of course, it will be too late and the solicitors will be gone. Now, I am very concerned for the safety of my neighbors and the lack of protocol when a citizen reports a suspicious incident. Rather than write this to the City of Brookfield I am posting this for now.(we have a no soliciting sign on the door and this has happened before)

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