The quality of the Referees in the final four game was an insult to the Badger Pride and the way they played the game. Bo Ryan's teams always play hard, but they play fair. Their is a huge difference. Play after play the referees were uncertain about fouls and penalties. They relied on instant replay to do their job. Even then they got it wrong. While millions watching TV saw an intentional foul after play ended, the referees would not agree with millions that the Wildcats were just that. Wildcats on the loose hoping the referees would forgive them as freshmen for using illegal cheap shots at the nice guys from Madison who play the game hard and fair. Several times the Badger point guard, who knew the play in advance, got himself in position only to have a referee out of position to punish the Badger guard for blocking. You have to give credit to the Badger Pride for not being more aggressive in their game and in their reactions to the tainted calls. The referees are going to become worse as they rely on instant television to blame for their tainted calls. Moreover, it would help if the referees had a meeting with the teams before the game and explain how they perceive the rules for fouls. Cudos to Bo Ryan and his boys who will grow up to be men with pride. Badger Pride rules that we won. note: As a college scholarship player I speak from experience. If you valued your life you never banged another player without apologizing and convincing the it was an accident.

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