These are my thoughts on the Sports Spring 2014 update. BUCKS: The sale was no surprise because Herb Kohl is a man of honor and loyalty and did what he said. The investments in the millions for a new venue are commendable but may fall short in the end. Many factors are significant such as the real need for a pro basketball team and the political success of the public sector for the financing. These new owners and Kohl are keen business people and surely have a plan. The upside is that any pro sport is an economic asset to the community. Of course, it always helps to have a winner. BREWERS: So far so good. The starting pitching rotation is as good as it will get. Relief pitchers come and go and will as the season continues. The defense is much improved and will be a valuable tool in winning close games. What worries me is the slow start by LF Khris Davis who has yet to convince he is a star of the future. There are some good out-fielders in the system who are waiting in the wings. There is a need to make a move with Weeks to open up a roster spot. Go Brewers. PACKERS: The signing of Matt Flynn gives them security at the back-up QB position and will allow Rodgers to take a break now and then. Center is a critical gap to fill but so far it is an open question. All in all the Pack will be an explosive offensive team with a potent run and pass game. The draft may help to fill in some holes in the defensive secondary and offensive line. There are some good ones out there waiting to be picked. The Central Division is weak so the Pack can win and get into the playoffs. UW/WISCONSIN BADGERS:In the entire history of Wisconsin sports there is no equal to Bo Ryan as a coach. He is consistent, steady and persistent to make his system work. The future is bright for another run for the money. UW BADGER FOOTBALL: There will be some completion for starting QB but the running game will get the results. This may be a running game with speed never seen before. The Badgers will score often but the question is whether their opponents will do the same. GOLF: The local golf courses need some modern updating in the pro shops and restaurant/bar facilities, such as in sports bars. Continuing grooming of the greens and fairways and improved sand traps are a must. The seniors and disabled deserve to be treated with more respect and attention to their needs.

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