On the media a commentator said that gun violence in our country is decreasing and/or declining. what a shock since every person knows this is not the fact. I grew up during WW11 when the men were gone to war and the women and children had tremendous stress to keep up the home front. Mental illness was not treated in a uniform manner and there were certainly more cases of mental illness that were not detected then. and yet, I do not recall any gun violence, mass shootings or a cry for the right of civilians to bear arms. why? because then people did not have guns in any significant number and even the mentally ill could not use guns to kill because there were not any available. possession of a firearm was cause to be arrested as a traitor to the country unless proven otherwise. It is not rocket science to decide that if the mentally ill do not have guns they will not shoot to kill. There will always be some form of mental illness that is not detected and that is either hidden from the public or denied by the people who suffer from the disease. The increase in gun violence has been and will continue to grow as will mental illness.

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