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How Proud They Must Be

By now we are all sickeningly familiar with the story of the Brookfield East football field. 

How proud the vandals must be, accomplishers of a tremendous feat that required the cloak of darkness to achieve.

How gleeful they must be as they boastfully recount their exploits.

How devastating the impact on the Spartan community. 

To paraphrase Winston Churchill – never have so few ruined so much for so many. One or a few punks really showed us what they are made of, didn’t they?  I say “punks” fully acknowledging that we don’t know who did this, or what their age is.  But be they students or adults, be they younger or older, they are most certainly punks.

Let’s call this action what it so clearly is: cowardly, malicious, and criminal. Let’s let the retribution fit the crime if we are fortunate enough to find out who did it.

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