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A Brookfield Treasure

When was the last time you visited the gravesite of a Revolutionary War Veteran?  Or walked amongst the resting place of several Civil War Veterans?

On Memorial Day my family and I did this.

We did not travel to Massachusetts or New York; we drove about four miles from our home to Oak Hill Cemetery, right here in Brookfield.

Located on Brookfield Road and immediately adjacent to Brookfield Academy, this beautiful piece of land and history lies in the heart of our own community.  Buried there are the remains of Nathan Hatch, a man who served America in the Revolutionary War.

Do you want a giant does of perspective in just a few minutes?  Then take a half-hour this fall to walk under the trees of Oak Hill, and to gaze at the headstones bearing 18th Century dates and names.  Go back over two hundred years to the lives these people led and the times in which they lived. 

Let’s respect this Brookfield treasure in the best way we can.

By visiting it.


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