The error of my ways

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My blog does not have the readership levels that Cindy Kilkenny’s does.  But it does on occasion evidently have impact.  During a conversation, someone recently noted that there had been three ‘factual’ errors in my blog.  He claimed the errors were:

(1)  My writing (and believing) that 124th Street south of Greenfield was in Brookfield.  (Dec 12, 2006)

(2) A statement that the Town of Brookfield won't use TIF (Tax Incremental Financing) to redevelop property along Bluemound Road  (Aug 13, 2007)


(3) My belief that Greenfield Road has better traffic flow than Bluemound Road (Sep 28, 2007)


He was right on the first one. I will never forget that 124th Street south of Greenfield is in New Berlin. In fact, I acknowledged that Dec 31, 2006.  But I do maintain that a [non-environmental] TIF won't be used in the town, and that the traffic flow on Greenfield is better than that on Bluemound.


Here's why:

Legally, the town form of government cannot use a TIF.  But evidently there is an exception for lands needing environmental cleanup.  A state TIF was used (by the Town) in clean up of the Majestic theatre site.

In my opinion, Greenfield Road does has better traffic flow than Bluemound Brookfield Road (corrected 11/2/07)While I normally head east on Greenfield Road to 124th, I have taken Greenfield Road west to Waukesha.  Admittedly, the road does narrow west of Bluemound Road. (That’s because the Town of Brookfield chose not to fund the road widening at the level the state demanded.)  From my perspective, the alternate design the state created does not impede traffic flow.

I do live in the Town of Brookfield.  I enjoy the lower tax rates, town water, and sanitary sewer rates that are lower that the city’s.  Emergency response times have been good, and I am confident in the first responders’ skills.  As the word ‘town’ implies, it has smaller government which I feel tends to be more responsive than larger entities.

Nonetheless, I’m sorry I inconvenienced those who pointed out my errors. So please let me know about future misstatements by using the "commenting tool' on this blog.

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