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Brookfield became a city in 1954.  In 1959, the city funded a master plan for development. At that time, the plan projected a population of 80,000 people, and it included a mix of residential, commercial and industrial development.

Because of this, Dan Ertl, Director of Community Development, becomes defensive when people talk about the over-commercialization of Brookfield. Dan was hired in 1987 and began reviewing the 1959 plan with Kate Bloomberg.  Ertl described development until that time as "frenzied."  Ertl and Bloomberg reduced the 1959 plans for density along North Avenue, 124 Street and Capitol Drive.  Ertl is committed to ensuring existing businesses' success and that the city remains inviting and competitive . 

In its 2020 Master Plan, the city has identified ten "targeted intervention areas." The targeted neighborhoods / nodes  are the Northwest GatewayBrookfield-CapitolCalhoun-Capitol, Lilly-Capitol, 124 St.-Capitol, 124 St-BluemoundSouth Gateway, Bluemound Road Corridor, Civic Center and Village Area.

The Department of Community Development has developed promotional pieces for the city overall, and for each of the "targeted intervention areas" (alternatively called nodes).  These are quite well done. Each two-page description of the area describes existing businesses, development opportunities, recent investments, traffic & transportation, rental rates and demographics.  The population, households, % owner-occupied homes, average and median household incomes, and total retail sales are given for a 1-mile, 3-mile and 5-mile radius. 

If you are concerned about future of Brookfield, please request the two page fact sheet(s).  These descriptions are also available on the city's website. 11/14/07  Pat Drinan, Economic Development Director provided the correct link for City of Brookfield marketing brochures:

We can't change what the City of Brookfield has become, but we may influence its future. We have a right - and an obligation - to be informed about the environment we'll find ourselves in by 2020.


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