This may come as a surprise, seeing as how I write a blog, but I am not particularly computer literate. It has been a slow process. Part of my self-taught computer education has been learning about message boards and deciphering the slew of acronyms that appear in the various posts. For the ones I can't figure out, I ask the The Spouse. For the ones that stump both of us, we ask the expert -- The Teenager. I had to go to her for the one listed above ("The Idiots In Charge").

So, today I address both TFIIC (The Federal Idiots In Charge) and the TIICAW (The Idiots in Charge At Work). On the Federal level, I am really tired of reading items about the passport crisis. Back in February, I wrote a blog about getting a passport and the the new passport requirements under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. So, they enact all these new regulations, people apply for passports, people follow the rules, and hold on... TIIC DIDN'T ANTICIPATE THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO WOULD APPLY FOR PASSPORTS?!! Big mess. So, TIIC have the rules go into effect in January, and now they are saying that there was a "huge, unanticipated surge in applications" in January, February, and March? Come on. My father sent in a passport renewal application in early April. He finally got his passport about two weeks ago -- a little shy of the four-month mark. Before the new requirements, I read the typical wait time was only about 6 weeks total. He was one of the lucky ones -- his vacation plans didn't get screwed up. By June, the backpedaling started. So, now, until September 30, if you haven't gotten your passport yet, you can present a passport application receipt and government-issued photo ID instead. By September 30, the feds hope to have the wait time back down to 6 weeks. I wouldn't hold my breath.

On the local level, I have a friend who is a nurse. This friend recently applied for a job that consists of sitting in a cubicle and answering healthcare questions over the phone. As part of the interview process, TIICAW made my friend lift a 50 lb. weight -- a routine test if the nurse in question is involved with patient care. Did I mention that the job is answering questions OVER THE PHONE?

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