Experiencing Technical Difficulties

As you may have noticed, there is a new look to the blog sites. That's because we now have a new blog "tool."

With this new tool, among other features, readers can comment through the blog (you will need to sign in) and can sign up to be automatically alerted when I post a new blog.

You can also review many of my past posts by simply clicking on the title; the past titles appear in a menu next to the current blog. This new tool will also make it easier for me to provide links to outside information and will also make it easier for me to post photos.

Seeing as how I FINALLY got a digital camera, I am going to give that feature a try when the opportunity strikes. Just a note about comments. TPTB have set it up in such a way that comments do not automatically post on the blog. I must approve the comment first, but we have been counseled to approve almost all comments we receive.

I am experiencing a few technical glitches at the moment, so please bear with me, as I try out this new tool in the upcoming weeks and update the features on the blog.

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