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As I've written before, we now have this new blog tool through which you, the readers, can comment on my blog.  I've had a question come up about this feature, so I want to clear a few things up.  In order to comment, you do need to "sign in," but you do not necessarily need to give your name.  You can remain anonymous. 

Comments do not automatically post to the blog; I need to approve them first.  However, the administrators of this blog have told all the bloggers that we should pretty much publish all comments -- good AND bad.  We have also been told in the strictest of terms that we are not to edit any comments in any way. 

When I review the comment, I only see the screen name that you are asked to provide.  I don't see your email address, and there is no way for me to obtain your email address.  The only actions I can take are either to approve (publish) or disapprove your comment.  If I approve your comment, the comments posts at the end of blog for which you are providing a comment. 

With this comment feature, you can praise, criticize, or add your own particular viewpoint to my blog. 

Readers can still email me though by clicking on the button that says "Email Author".  With this feature, I am able to see your email address and can reply accordingly.


Reader "Cheryl2jk" recently commented that she has had trouble reading some of my blogs that "go over one page."  I took a look, and it appears to be a problem with my archived posts.  If you are looking at some of my older posts either by the month or by the specific title, some of the content of a particular blog may be cut off.  I am guessing that a glitch may have occurred when we changed to the new blog tool.  I've informed the administrator of the blogs about the problem, so hopefully, it will be fixed soon.  In the meantime, if there is a particular blog that you are having a problem with, let me know, and I can probably get that specific one fixed for you.

If any other readers are experiencing other problems with the new blog site, please let me know either by comment or by email so that we can get the kinks worked out.



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