Hey, I've been censored!

I don't generally write blogs that contain objectionable content, so imagine my surprise last night to find out that one of my blogs had been censored!

I had some time on my hands last night and was experimenting with features on our new blogging tool.  I was using an option where I was able to scroll through and view past blogs.  As I was scrolling down, I noticed a bunch of asterisks in one of my blogs.  It was about the importance of getting an annual mammogram, and my own experience this past spring.  ("Say It Isn't So/ May 16, 2007)

So, of course, I have to mention the word...umm... the word that refers to that part of the female anatomy that rhymes with "vest". 

So, in a blog about the early detection of "vest" cancer and my experience of finding a nodule in my left "vest", all references to that part of the female body are gone and replaced with asterisks, probably due to some program that is designed to detect and delete...umm... dirty!?... words

My apologies to any who may have been reading this particular blog (and thanks to all who are reading my past ones - I can see the hits!).

I've already informed the powers that be that in this particular instance perhaps "vest" should be reinserted, seeing as that's kind of the topic and all.

 Technology is a wonderful thing...until it mucks everything up.

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