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HG&D curriculum NOT available yet

Today I received a copy of an opt out letter from one Elmbrook parent. Good for you! I hope many of you will choose this path. Better yet, I hope some of you organize.

As I mentioned in the Opt IN rather than OUT  posting, I could not find the examination copies of the K-12 HG&D which were to be "available for parent review on the district web site in July." as mentioned in the July 1, 2007 Parental Information Letter. My curiosity is now awakened as to what they will all teach.  

I contacted Elmbrook's Andy Smith to see if I just did not know where to look for it. Here is his reply.

"I checked today (Sunday) and learned that the information intended to help parents understand details of the Human Growth & Development curriculum is being developed by the district's educational services department presently. It is not yet up on the website. I will look into this further Monday and Tuesday." I will be waiting, Andy.

Since the exact dates and materials are not yet known, opting out will take real diligence on the parent's part. I hope many parents will make the effort.

I got to thinking more about the logic of we better tell them about this since they will hear about it anyway and thought about the way most parents raise their children.

Do you teach your toddler that some other 2 year olds throw hissy fits to get a toy every time they are in a store? Do you teach them that some children tell their parents NO or hit their siblings or refuse to share? How about crayoning on walls? Maybe they should know that some children throw their food on the floor if it is not their favorite in order to get something more to their liking?

No. With young children we try to model good behavior and reinforce high standards. I don't see why this should change when we send them to school.

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