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Only 3.5% increases that save you money oxymoron

Here is the latest on the State Budget.

Governor Doyle vetoed provisions in the state budget that essentially increase property taxes. The following is an excerpt from an email that I received from Representative Rich Zipperer:

Madison— Today, Governor Doyle vetoed portions of the conference committee budget that was approved by the Legislature earlier this week. After reviewing the vetoes, Rep. Rich Zipperer (R-Pewaukee) released the following statement:

“Apparently a deal isn’t really a deal with this Governor. With one stroke of his pen today, he doubled the tax increase property taxpayers will see for 2007. This Governor’s disregard for the taxpayer is astonishing.”

Some of today’s more egregious vetoes include:

* Increase property tax levy limit to 3.86% in 2007. Under the budget negotiated with Doyle, there was a 2% cap.

* Eliminate property tax limit for technical colleges. Under the budget negotiated with Doyle, there was a 4% cap.

* Eliminate phase-out of the PECFA program. This program places an additional tax on each gallon of gasoline.

* Eliminate a requirement that the UW-System let students know at the time of class registration who the daily teacher would be and what their credentials are.

* Eliminates legislative oversight of DNR Stewardship land acquisitions, meaning the Legislature will not have oversight on $85 million of DNR expenditures each year.

* Eliminate a ‘lock box’ on the Transportation Fund, leaving the fund open for future abuses and raids.

* Eliminate a requirement that the DOT annually submit to the Legislature a ten-year plan on future bonding.

* Eliminate a requirement that the DOT submit a plan to the Legislature on how to eliminate a $30,000,000 structural deficit within the Transportation Fund

* Eliminate Value Engineering requirements for large DOT projects. Using value engineering would save taxpayers money.

* Spend $800,000 on KRM preliminary work. Under the compromise budget, the money could not be spent unless a complete funding plan was agreed to by the Governor and the Legislature.

All from a governor who claims that he is "doing the right thing" for Wisconsin residents. Maybe it's time to email the Governor and thank him for seizing more of your discretionary income.

posted by Robert Flessas @ 2:40 PM


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