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Did you notice the 4-K increase?

4-K, Elmbrook

Ever notice that when government or our school district is selling an idea the estimated price is lower than the real price? They start out a program (think foot in the door) and just keep expanding it--forever.

I was looking through some of my postings on 4-K from last year and found that Elmbrook told us the cost per year would be $685,570--paid for from district reserves, by the way. This was for 200 students. Remember, we needed 2 community partner locations to accommodate these students.

Today, I noticed the price given in Elmbrook to host K4 input sessions article that the price is $860,000. That is about $174,500 higher than last year's estimate, I assume because now they are talking 300 students. (I don't know if this covers transportation or increased facility needs.)

Do you realize the financial and facility ramifications we are opening ourselves up to by going down this 4-K path? The district estimates there are 500 potential 4-K Elmbrook students!

Ask yourself if you think half day 4-K will remain at half day. Then ask why Elmbrook would stop at 4-K when private programs and other school districts are talking 3-K.

The impact on our facilities by adopting a 4-K program is huge. Increasing the enrollment by 50% to 300 students will crowd the elementary schools. What do we do if enrollments reach 500?

We have the opportunity to stop 4-K now, but it will require you to do some work.  Contact the school board members--especially Patrick Murphy and Glenn Allgaier.  I don't know that Patrick Murphy uses email much. His no vote is very important, so either give him a call or write him a letter (address and phone number are on the school board contact page link).

Give Meg Wartman and Tom Gehl an encouraging word too. (Leah Vukmir, my State Rep. said the vote no emails concerning the state budget were very helpful.)

The impact of this 4-K decision will affect education in Elmbrook forever. Elmbrook's administration and school board are telling us we have REAL high school needs. We must focus our resources on needs, not wants.

Contact the board!

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