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BIG NEWS! Elmbrook tells me they will be LISTENING!

4-K, Elmbrook, TAXES

It must be big news, Elmbrook sent out a special LINK* publication to tell me all about their two LISTENING SESSIONS coming up. 

The LINK listed the High School Facilities sessions first, starting at 7pm on November 26th at Brookfield East's library and November 29th at Central's.  

Toward the bottom of page 1, 4-K LISTENING SESSIONS were listed. Don't let the secondary placement on the page mislead you into thinking they are after the High School sessions. They start this Monday, Nov 5th at Dixon Elementary and on Wed., Nov. 7th at Wisconsin Hills at 6:30pm.

The irony of these LISTENING SESSIONS is that I don't think Elmbrook LISTENS very well. Based on what I am seeing from the High School Next Steps team, it seems few (not all) on that team know what it means to scale back.

I am wary of LISTENING SESSIONS. In the past, these types of sessions were used more to find out what citizen concerns were and then the district used that information to put their spin on those concerns.

In flipping through the LINK publication, I noted a 4-K comment toward the bottom of page 2 , "A key financial factor is the extent to which the district needs the added resident enrollment yielded by 4K to increase revenue cap capacity to help fund other programs and services as enrollment and subsequent funding for these programs and services is projected to decline."

Phew! That is a mouthful! I translate that: 4K really isn't necessary education wise, but we need their little bodies in the classroom so we can collect the state money-per-student, to fund our other school programs. (They use the same logic for justifying increasing non-resident student enrollments.)

Don't forget, the school district gets to collect that extra money, but YOU the TAXPAYER must supply it! Yes, they will get more money coming in and their budget will increase. "It would, however, cost the taxpayers more money, because it would be funded primarily from increased property taxes." How is that helping us?

I am not as concerned with the district LISTENING in regards to the High Schools, because I know they will HEAR us when the referendum votes are tabulated. 

Sadly, 4-K affords us no opportunity to make our voice heard via referendum. So share your concerns about 4-K directly with the board. Patrick Murphy and Glen Allgaier are key. (Thanks, WISTROM, for the reminder to CALL them.)


*This LINK was printed on the more expensive, non-enamel paper. I never did hear back from Andy Smith why the district uses it for the majority of their publications. 


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