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Yikes, I almost had a Chernobyl

Good food / recipes, Technology gone awry

Almost had a meltdown yesterday after I turned on my oven to start dinner. I threw in 3 sweet potatoes, set the temperature and did some other kitchen-y things. I thank God I did not set it to auto-start and leave as is sometimes my habit.

As I was cutting up some salad, I smelled something burning in the oven. Hmm, that's odd, I thought. Guess it is time to clean the oven? But the smell got stronger. I peeked inside and found my sweet potatoes rather blackened on the tops.

My oven is one of those Acubake type, the heating element alters from top to bottom to keep the temperature even. It works very well--usually. Yesterday, as my techno-boy tells me, the relay died in the open position (that means on). Even turning off the oven had no effect, the element stayed on! We resorted to turning off the circuit breaker.

Well, now you know my favorite way of making sweet potatoes. I just wash them, cut of the ends a tiny bit to prevent exploding spuds, and throw them on the oven rack at 350 degrees until tender.

What I would like to know from you is do you know of any horror stories of auto start oven timers? I find it very convenient to put something in the oven, set the timer and temp, and then leave. Love that coming home to a ready meal.  But now I am wondering if I must add auto start to the list of things not to do--like leaving the house with the dishwasher or dryer on?

Please share your ovens gone wrong stories with me if you have any. I want to know if auto start is trustworthy.

PS I was to have made Thanksgiving dinner. It may still be on my horizon if I can get my oven fixed in time. In the meanwhile, I am going to dig out some of my favorite recipes to share with you later.

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