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Fountain Brook Crossing: BIG building, BIG zoning change, BIG precedent, BIG mistake

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Just to give you the heads up, there is a potentially HUGE zoning change and building project coming to Brookfield next week. There will be a Public Hearing on Fountain Brook Crossing at City Hall on Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 7:45pm (before the council meeting).

Fountain Brook Crossing is a HUGE office building proposal for the north east corner of Moorland Road and Greenfield Ave.

The developer is asking for a zoning change from a B3 with a floor area ratio of 30%, to a PDD with a whopping 140% building to floor ratio! This will make Capitol Heights look puny!

The land owner and developer, William Hoag, tried to downplay the size of his proposed building by comparing his building to other sites such as the Midway Motor Lodge. His building will be 268 feet long, Midway is 270 feet. Compare the sites and size though on the map (Fountain Brook Crossing would be that little vacant parcel to the right of the intersection at the bottom.)

I am trying to collect some photos or pictures to help you envision how overly large this project is, but in the meantime, do look at the developers information and the City's notice.

Keep in mind that the "retaining" wall or decorative fountain fence is actually a 17 foot tall enclosed parking structure that nearly fills the 2 acre site. This project is really a building on top of a building. Note the size of the people in comparison and the close proximity of the parking wall to the road.

You may send in your comments to the city by Monday, Jan. 14 if you are not able to come to the Public Hearing or if you do not wish to speak. Email to:  

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