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Ethanol: The bad bill that just won't die! It's back

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Yes, the bad ethanol mandate bill that just won't die is coming back to an Assembly near you.

I awoke today to Jay Webber talking about this at 7:10 a.m. He mentioned, for all of the promises by Mike Huebsch and Jeff Fitzgerald to not bring Assembly bill 682 to the Assembly floor, it is due to come out of committee and to the floor for possibly tomorrow. Seems they did send it to a committee though, the Assembly biofuel and sustainable fuels committee. Not exactly one it would die in!

Now through some legal maneuvering, the ethanol mandate bill can be brought directly to the Assembly floor. Huebsch and Fitzgerald can keep their promise to not bring it to the floor directly, but it will come to the floor just the same.

To make matters even worse, this Assembly version also has another Republican perceived conflict of interest. Jay Webber mentioned that it was introduced by Assemblyman Eugene Hahn, whose wife has $20,000 in shares of United Wisconsin Grain Producers LLC--a place ethanol refiners get their grain from. (I think that is what Jay said--check his podcast.) This just shows we really need to watch all of the politicians, regardless of party.

Assemblyman Stephen Nass, Vicki McKenna mentioned, is protesting this bill with a letter to Mike Huebsch and Jeff Fitzgerald. You might want to drop Nass a supportive email. 

PLEASE contact Huebsch and Fitzgerald. Tell them what you think about this bill sneaking back to the Assembly floor. Then contact our Representatives again. They really need to know what you think of this ethanol mandate bill.

Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald (Assembly Majority Leader), from Horicon. Counties: Columbia and Dodge
Rep. Michael Huebsch (Assembly Speaker), from West Salem. Counties: LaCrosse and Monroe

State Representative Leah Vukmir, Republican, 14th District  608-266-9180

Representative Rich Zipperer, Republican, 98th District  608-266-5120 

Governor Doyle
608-266-1212, 414-227-4344

Familiarize yourself with this issue: A MUST read: Ethanol bill poses conflicts, One sponsor has $20,000 interest in fuel producerClearing Land for Biofuels Makes Global Warming Worse, The Ethanol Fallacy

Ethanol bill heads to senate Thursday--Speak Up, Ethanol bill: Just what would be a conflict of interest?

The JSOnline article, Ethanol bill poses conflicts, also brought up AB 85, a bill introduced by Hahn and Sheridan that would , "provide a $1,000 tax credit to Wisconsinites who buy or lease a new flex-fuel vehicle."  Rep. Sheridan (D) "is president of United Auto Workers Local 95. General Motors Corp. pays his salary."

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